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Provisioning policy VIN

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Providing the chassis number (VIN) from the vehicle registration register to the automotive and the insurance industry is subject to a large number of rules.
The RDW (Dutch Vehicle Registration Authority) is currently updating these rules, in consultation with RDC and other parties. In order to have these rules drawn up as accurately as possible, we value your input on your use  of the VIN.

Therefore, we would highly appreciate your help by answering a few questions! Please provide us with your answers before 20 February.

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  • For what purpose(s) does your company need the VIN (e.g. identification of a vehicle for ordering correct suitable vehicle parts, (re) insuring a vehicle with a foreign insurer that doens't handle Dutch registration numbers) ?
  • Do you store the VIN in your own administration? And if so; for what purpose?
  • Do you pass the VIN on to third parties? And if so; to what sort of companies?
  • Do you know what these parties use the VIN for?
  • Which impediments do you encounter should you not be able to request a vehicle's VIN?
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